How can I correct the rotation of a sideways or upside-down image?

3.20. How can I correct the rotation of a sideways or upside-down image?

If you already have a copy of the image(s) on your computer, then skip to step 5 below.

  1. To download a copy of an image from a project, first edit the project, and go to the "Photos" page of the editing process.

  2. Click on the thumbnail of the image to be downloaded:

  3. Next, in the upper-right of the image, click on "View Full Size In New Window":

  4. Right-click anywhere on the image. In the resulting menu, click on "Save image as..." (phrase may be worded slightly differently, depending on which browser and version you're using). Save the file to a folder on your computer that you'll be able to remember.

  5. Locate the Windows folder that contains the image(s) to be rotated.

  6. Left-click on the image to select it. To select all the images in the folder, left-click on one of the images, then use Ctrl+a to select-all. (Alternatively you can left-click on the first image, then hold down the Shift key while left-clicking on the last image. To select non-contiguous images, hold the "Ctrl" key while clicking the images to be selected):


  7. In this example, we'll be working with images that need to be rotated to the left (counter-clockwise.) Right-click on any of the selected images, then, in the resulting menu, left-click on "Rotate counterclockwise" or "Rotate left" (phrase will vary depending on your version of Windows):

    Rotate clockwise

  8. All of the selected images will now be rotated:

    All rotated

  9. Upload the corrected image(s) back into your project.

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