10.18. My print project looks wrong when I preview it or open the PDF in Chrome. Why?

The PDF viewer plugin that is built-in to Google Chrome is unable to display some elements of some PDF files, and so does not always correctly display PDF files.  

If you are using Chrome, previews of projects built with our newer print design templates will be displayed in Chrome's PDF viewer plugin by default. The steps for downloading a PDF will initially display it in Chrome's PDF viewer plugin as well.

To correctly view a PDF as it will look when it is printed, download the PDF to your computer, then view it in the stand-alone version of Adobe Reader (free.) Double-clicking on the downloaded PDF should open it in Adobe Reader if you have Adobe Reader installed.

(Background: Prior to Chrome version 42, you could disable Chrome's PDF viewer, which would allow Chrome to use Adobe's own PDF Reader plugin for Chrome. However, in Chrome 42 and beyond, the NPAPI standard, which supports older-style browser plugins such as the Adobe Reader plugin, has been deprecated. For this reason, the stand-alone version of Adobe Reader is the most accurate way to view PDF files if Chrome is your primary web browser.)

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