How do I upload photos directly to a project?

3.2. How do I upload photos directly to a project?

When creating or editing a project which includes slots for property photos, you'll reach a page which will allow you to upload photos.

When on a "Photos" page, while creating or editing a project:

  1. Near the right side of the page, click on "Add Photos":

    Add Photos

  2. Click on "My Computer":

    My Computer

  3. Click the "Select File(s) to Upload" button. (In some browsers this step will be taken for you automatically. If so, you'll know because you'll see the contents of a folder on your computer displayed, on top of this dialog):

    Select files to upload

  4. Use the resulting dialog to locate the image file on your hard drive, memory card, camera or USB thumb drive.

    Click the image file to select it. Hold down the CTRL key or Shift key while clicking to select multiple images for upload.

    After selecting images click the "Open" button. The images will be uploaded.

    When uploading is complete, all items in the "Transferred" column will show "100.0%", the "Status" column will show "Complete", and the "Action" column will show a check mark. Click the "Close" button to return to your project.

    Upload Progress

  5. If you uploaded multiple photos, they have been added to the project. Drag and drop images to rearrange them:

    Drag and drop to reorder

  6. If the option to automatically crop photos for this project is enabled, the photos will be cropped for you, as you add them to the project. (See "How can I enable or disable the automatic cropping of images?" for more info.)  You can use the cropping tool to recrop an image, if the automatically selected cropping is not to your liking.

    However, if the option to automatically crop photos for this project is disabled, images that need to be cropped (to prevent stretching or squishing of the image in the final project) will be highlighted with a red outline, and the 'Crop' icon for the image will be highlighted in red. If the dimensions of the image differ significantly from the dimensions of the photo slot, the image will also appear stretched or squished.

    (Note that the option to automatically crop photos is not displayed for all project types. Some project types do not require image cropping.)

    To launch the cropping tool for an image, click on the thumbnail, or click the crop icon that appears below the thumbnail:

    Please crop

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