10.1. How can I print my marketing pieces?

You have several options for printing your finished projects:

*Note: Not all project types can be sent to our online print partners due to limitations in the size and types of projects they can print.

To access print options for a project, after logging in to the Marketing Center:

  1. On the main menu at the top of any page, click "Projects."

  2. Click on the folder which contains the project you want to edit.

  3. Click on the project you want to edit. (Hover your mouse cursor over a project to get a better look at the project name.)

  4. In the right column of the page you'll see the phrase "Print Options", below which you'll see the available print options for the project. Specific information about each of the available options is provided in other entries in this section of this FAQ.

Print Options

Note: If after clicking a button for one of our print partners (highlighted in the image above) you were not taken to the print partners website to complete your order, then your browser's popup-blocker likely prevented the transaction.

Look in your browser's address bar for an icon that indicates a popup was blocked, like the icon highlighted in this next image:

Click that icon for options, then select the option to "Always allow...", and then click the "Done" button:  

Reload the page, then return to step 4 above to try again.

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