How can I email a project to myself only?

6.14. How can I email a project to myself only?

You can send a project to yourself using Self Send (free) and then forward that email using your own email account and software. To send a project using Self Send:

  1. On the main menu at the top of any page, click "Projects."

  2. Click the project folder that contains the project to be sent.

  3. Click the project to be sent.

  4. About halfway down the page, click on the "Email to Contacts" icon.

    Email to Contacts

  5. Click the "Self Send" button.

    Self Send

  6. Next you'll be presented with options applicable to the type of project you're sending. Make your choices and click the "Next" button.

  7. Within 30 minutes you should receive the email. The email will be delivered to the inbox for the email address set in your Marketing Center Profile. (If you haven't received the email within 30 minutes, check your spam or junk mail folder.)

  8. When you receive the email you can then use your email software to send a copy to your recipients. Be sure the image is visible in the email before clicking "Forward".

Hint: Before forwarding the email from your email software, edit the subject line and remove "FW:" to help insure your email will be opened and read.

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