How can I email a project to contacts in my address book?

6.13. How can I email a project to contacts in my address book?

To send a project using an eMail Marketing enhancement Premium Email, after logging into the Marketing Center:

  1. On the main menu at the top of any page, click "Projects."

  2. Click the project folder that contains the project to be sent.

  3. Click the project to be sent.

  4. About halfway down the page, click on the "Email to Contacts" icon.

    Email to Contacts

  5. Click the "Premium Email" button.

    Premium Email

  6. Near the right side of the page click on "Contacts" to select individuals and/or groups to email the project to.

  7. Type a subject line for the email.

    Recipients and Subject Line

  8. If you want to send the email right away, keep the default selection of "Now" (under "Schedule") and click the "Next" button.

  9. Or, if you'd like to schedule the mailing for a later date and time select the "Schedule Delivery" option. You'll now be able to select a future date and time for the mailing, and a date for when you'd like to receive the confirmation mailing which you'll use to confirm the mailing before it gets sent to the selected recipients. Click the "Next" button when you're done with the scheduling options.


  10. Next you'll be presented with options applicable to the type of project you're sending. Make your choices according to the instructions on the page and click the "Next" button.

  11. On the "Ready to Send!" page, review the details, then click the "Schedule Email" button to queue the message for delivery:

    Schedule email

  12. Your recipients should receive a copy of the mailing within two hours, if you chose to send the message "Now", or within two hours of the scheduled time for a scheduled delivery. [Note: Some free email platforms (such as Yahoo! And Hotmail) and entertainment networks (such as AOL and MSN) put bulk mail on a lower priority than single-sender to single-recipient emails. They also prioritize messages within their network over mail from outside networks. Because of these priories on free email and entertainment networks, your recipients on such networks may not receive their messages for several hours, or more than a full day in some instances.]

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