How can I import contacts from a file stored on my Dropbox account?

4.2. How can I import contacts from a file stored on my Dropbox account?

These instructions assume that you already have a Dropbox account and that you have a contacts file stored in your Dropbox account. If you do not yet have a Dropbox account, visit to sign up.

To import contacts into your address book, after logging in to the Marketing Center:

  1. In the main menu, click on "Contacts".

  2. In the left column of the page, click on the "Import Contacts" button.

    Import Contacts

  3. You'll be importing your contacts into a new or existing contact group. Enter a new group name and click "Add Group", or click "Select Existing" and select an existing group name from the resulting menu.

  4. Click the "Next" button.


  5. Click on the Dropbox icon labeled "Excel or CSV file in Dropbox":

    Excel or CSV file in Dropbox

  6. If you are prompted to sign in to Dropbox, enter the email address associated with your Dropbox account and your Dropbox password, then click the "Sign In" button.

    Sign In to Dropbox if prompted

    If you're already signed in to your Dropbox account, you'll see your Dropbox folders.

  7. Navigate to the Dropbox folder which contains the contacts file (.csv or .xls)

  8. Click the file to select it, the click the "Choose" button.

    Select contacts file

  9. The smaller Dropbox window will close and you'll see the word "Loading" while your contacts are imported from the Dropbox servers to the Marketing Center servers.


  10. When the file has been fully copied you'll see the column matching screen.

  11. Now you'll be mapping/matching the imported columns to the correct part of the address book by using the menus where you see the phrase "Skip Column". For example if you see first names in the first column, change "Skip Column" to "First Name." Do this for each column. Leave the menu set to "Skip Column" for any column which you do not wish to use. (If the menu doesn't have a matching entry for a column, you'll be able to create a custom field for that column later.) Note: You must map at least one column. (The email address is a good choice if you want to match only one column.)

    Use the horizontal scrollbar below the list to scroll to the right to make a choice for each column.

  12. When you've finished mapping columns as described above, click the "Next" button in the lower-right.

  13. A summary of the import to take place will be displayed. Click the "Next" button to proceed.

  14. There may be a pause while the addresses are imported. When the import is done you'll be shown a summary of the import. Click the "Done" button to view the group you imported the new contacts into.

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