How can I copy photos from my Dropbox account to a project?

4.1. How can I copy photos from my Dropbox account to a project?

These instructions assume that you already have a Dropbox account and that you have photos already stored in your Dropbox account. If you do not yet have a Dropbox account, visit to sign up.

When creating or editing a project which includes slots for property photos, you'll reach a page (or pages) which will allow you to upload photos.

When on a "Photos" page while editing a project:

  1. Click the "Choose from Dropbox" button.

    Choose from Dropbox

    A smaller window will open in front of the Marketing Center window/tab.

  2. If you are prompted to sign in to Dropbox, enter the email address associated with your Dropbox account and your Dropbox password, then click the "Sign In" button.

    Sign in to Dropbox

    If you're already signed in to your Dropbox account, you'll see your Dropbox folders.

  3. Navigate to the Dropbox folder which contains the photos you wish to copy to the project.

    Navigate to Dropbox folder

  4. Click on the thumbnail images (small versions of your photos) for the photos you wish to copy to the project.

  5. Click the "Choose" button.

     Choose button

  6. The smaller Dropbox window will close and you'll see the word "Loading" while your photos are copied from the Dropbox servers to the Marketing Center servers.


  7. You'll see the newly loaded images in the upper part of the page, under "Photo Library". If you copied multiple photos, they have been added to the project in the lower part of the page. Drag and drop images within the lower part of the page to rearrange them. Drag an image from the upper part of of the page ("Photo Library") to the lower part of the page ("Project Photos") to copy the image from the library to the project.

     Photos need cropping

  8. If the photo needs to be cropped for proper display in the slot you dragged it to, the cropping tool will launch, or the photo will be highlighted with a red outline and a small yellow triangle containing an exclamation point.

    To launch the cropping tool for an image, hover your mouse cursor over the image, then click the crop icon that appears in the lower part of the image.


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