Where do I find the Article Library?

2.11. Where do I find the Article Library?

The Article Library is found within the Phrase Assistant.

While editing a project, the Phrase Assistant button is available above the top-right corner of each text field.

Hover your mouse cursor over a text field to make the Phrase Assistant button visible. The Phrase Assistant button looks like a piece of paper with a quill. Click on it to launch the Phrase Assistant.

Phase Assistant with Article Library

In the Phrase Assistant, click on the menu labeled "Source" and then choose "Articles" to for royalty-free, pre-written articles for you to select from.

Source - Articles

All available articles are displayed by default. Use the "Category" menu to view a specific category of articles.

Choose category

Articles displayed initially may need to be edited to fit the field you're working with. To display only articles which will fit the current field, without a need to edit, check the box labeled "Show only phrases that will fit the current field".

Show only articles that fit

Articles are best suited for the large "Remark" fields in Newsletter and eNewsletter designs.

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