How do I create a new Project?

2.4. How do I create a new Project?

Below are the steps to create a new design template from scratch, without data imported from a listing on   For instructions on how to create a project with listing data and photos imported from a listing on, please see "Where do I start?"

To start creating a new project, after logging in to the Marketing Center:

  1. Just to the left of center at the top of any page, click on "Designs".

    Design Gallery Access

  2. Search or browse to choose a design template.

  3. When you've chosen a design template you can select it by clicking on the thumbnail image to view a larger image and details about the design, then click the "Select This Design" button.

    Click to Preview or Select

    Alternatively, you can hover your mouse cursor over the thumbnail image, then click the check-marked box that appears over the bottom part of the thumbnail image to select the design.

    Select Design, skipping preview

  4. In the field labeled "Project Name", enter a name for the project in the "Project Name" field (e.g. "Flyer for 1234 Main St.")

  5. In the field labeled "Project Description", enter a description of the project. (Optional. Seen only by you, not included in project.)

  6. On the menu labeled "Project Folder", click on "Select a Folder" to create a new folder, or to select an existing folder to store the project in.

  7. If you do not want the EHO logo displayed in the project (e.g. the project is not intended to promote a property for sale) uncheck the box labeled "Yes, include the Equal Housing Opportunity (EHO) logo in this project." (Please click here for more information about the EHO logo on projects.)

  8. If you do not want the photos in the project automatically cropped, uncheck the box labeled "Automatically crop photos when adding or rearranging." (Note that this option is not displayed for all project types. Some project types do not require image cropping.)

  9. Follow the steps to complete your project. Detailed help for building projects is available in other sections of this FAQ.

Step One

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