Where do I start?

2.1. Where do I start?

To create an account on the Marketing Center, start by logging in to your account on

  1. Near the top-left of the page, click the menu caret (downward pointing triangle) between "HomesConnect" and "Dashboard", then click "Listings" on the resulting menu:

  2. Locate the listing that you want to create marketing materials for.  In the far right column ("Actions") click on the "Select an Action" menu for the listing, then click "Send to Marketing Center" on the resulting menu:

  3. Use the slider below the images to select a design.  When the design you want to use is centered (e.g. "Flyer 2" in the image below), click the "Send To Marketing Center" button:

  4. You'll now be logged into the Marketing Center. (If this is your first time logging into the Marketing Center you'll be presented with Terms of Use to accept. You'll only have to do this once.)   You'll be on the first step of creating a project.

  5. Give the project a name, enter a name for the project folder, or select an existing project folder to keep the project in.  ("Project description" is optional. It is for your notes only.  The description will not appear on your finished project.)

  6. Make sure the box for "Include data from Homes Listing Data, Listing ID nnnnnnnn" is checked, then click the "Save and Continue" button:

  7. Arrange your photos as you'd like for them to be in the project, and crop photos if needed.  (For instructions on how to do either, please see the "Working with Images" section of this FAQ.)

  8. After clicking "Save and Continue" on the photos page, check the contents of the text fields.  Make any changes or additions needed, then click "Save and Continue".

  9. Make any changes needed to your agent information, then click "Save and Continue."

  10. Please be sure to preview your project before printing or distributing it.

To log in to the Marketing Center without sending Listing Data (to enter all info and upload photos yourself):

  1. Near the top-left of the page, click the menu caret (downward pointing triangle) between "HomesConnect" and "Dashboard".

  2. In the resulting menu, click on any of the options under "Marketing Center".  "Projects" will take you to your existing projects, "Designs" will take you the design gallery where you can select a template for your next project and "Profile" will take you to the profile area of your account. 

See also "How do I create a new project?"

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